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The Core Team is still aiming to enable Pi's first in-app transfers by the end of the year. Over the last few weeks, we've performed an analysis of how to best start in-app transfers and we wanted to provide some high-level guidelines:

In-app transfers will start with a pilot of a smaller number of Pioneers which will expand over time.

To participate in the pilot, Pioneers will need to KYC (to avoid bots stealing Pi). There will be no charge to do KYC for members participating in the pilot.

For KYC, we are exploring both third-party providers as well as native, in-app KYC

One of the goals of the pilot is to identify promising uses for Pi's peer to peer marketplace. While we won't have a formal marketplace before the end of Q4, the pilot is an important step in building the marketplace.

Some of you may be wondering why we are starting with a pilot of a smaller number of Pioneers. We are starting with a smaller group of Pioneers in order to:

Keep Pi safe from bots. If bots can transfer Pi, they can hoard the currency or pay real Pioneers with Pi that will be lost when we move to Mainnet (Pi created by fake accounts will be burnt when we move to mainnet.). While we have found a reliable third-party KYC provider, their services cost money and we do not want to charge Pioneers for KYC at the moment. While we explore other low-cost and scalable KYC methods, we want to start with a smaller pilot that ensures only real Pioneers can transfer Pi.

Balance supply and demand. The world's most inclusive peer-to-peer economy will not be built overnight. To build a strong economy, we want to enable transfers as our community develops native uses (and demand) for Pi. One of the goals of the pilot is to analyze strong initial uses.

Following these guidelines will allow us to roll out in-app transfers while keeping Pi safe and our economy strong. We will announce the selection process for the members of the Pilot next week. We are excited to be opening this new chapter with the community.


核心团队仍致力于在年底前实现 Pi 的首次应用内传输。在过去的几周里,我们分析了如何最好地开始应用内传输,我们希望提供一些高级指南:


要参与试点,先驱者将需要KYC(以避免机器人窃取Pi)。参加试点的会员无需支付 KYC 费用。

对于 KYC,我们正在探索第三方提供商以及本机应用内 KYC

试验的目标之一是确定 Pi 对等市场有前途的用途。虽然在第四季度结束前我们将没有正式市场,但试点是构建市场的重要一步。


保护 Pi 免受机器人的监视。如果机器人可以转移 Pi,他们可以囤积货币或支付真正的先锋与Pi,这将丢失时,我们移动到Mainnet(由假帐户创建的Pi将烧毁,当我们移动到主网。虽然我们已经找到了一个可靠的第三方KYC提供商,他们的服务成本钱,我们不希望收取先锋的KYC目前。当我们探索其他低成本和可扩展的 KYC 方法时,我们希望从较小的试点开始,以确保只有真正的先锋派才能传输 Pi。


遵循这些准则将使我们能够推出应用内传输,同时保持 Pi 安全和我们的经济强劲。我们将在下周宣布试点成员的遴选程序。我们很高兴能与社区一起开启新的篇章。

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